Showbiz has evolved and so we had too, multitasking as an everyday issue: that's why i'm a trained and experienced professional willing to wear several hats within audiovisual production for TV, digital, social networks, films and alternative distribution windows.

I was born a little before the iPhone and Napster, surely that is why as a teenager I did high school radio, narrating fantastic stories to entertain my classmates during breaks, and writing stories to participate in national and international contests such as the max-aub in Castellón:

👉 I never won anything there, but thanks to losing with no drama (known today as "resilience"), as a young in-training writer, I managed to accumulate many pages of experience. Opportunities took me to "Canal RCN" where entertainment and lifestyle taught me that successful stories should have many different worlds than the one I knew, so I started living with that speed that only the 20's allows. Thus, I was able to write about those worlds that I did not know before, those things that I lived and felt took me with an open mind to a very important moment: the digitalization of the industry, a real lifetime opportunity thanks to the portability of "action cams", ENG and DSRL. Then, I learned that all stories, no matter how current they may be (as a news coverage or a comedy series), always has a philosophical burden that is born from classic narratives and is reinvented in each script plot, in each shot and in each scene. Today I can consider myself "multitasking" because I am able to delivery a project working from the creation and the script to the production floor or set to  post-production (Final Cut X) and digital distribution (social media, TV or digital).

landing page or social media

With professional TV production quality, the entire planet will be able to watch your events, classes, seminars, meetings and conferences through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or with a private website dedicated exclusively to your stream.

DIGITAL - social media content

We all need to develop a digital identity: People, Businesses, Brands and Products need an effective message that attracts customers.

Content is everything. Let me develop your messages with the best websites, videos, infographics, texts and photos.


is the king

Telling stories that inspire or evoke an emotion is the most effective way to increase ROI in any digital outlet, for this reason, i'm into editing to develop the precise storytelling for each figure and each particular case, turning your numbers and abstract data into success stories.